I have been served with divorce papers, what do I do?

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I have been served with divorce papers, what do I do?

Divorce papers - what do i do - Family Lawyer Sydney

Divorce papers - what do i do - Family Lawyer SydneyYou must first read through the Application for Divorce (and any other documents served) thoroughly and ascertain whether all the information contained in the documents is true and correct.

If all the information is true and correct you will need to acknowledge service of the Application for Divorce for the divorce to proceed by executing the Acknowledgement of Service (Divorce) document in the presence of an authorised witness.

The Acknowledgement of Service (Divorce) document will usually also be served on you with the divorce papers. In the event it is not served on you, you can access this on the Court’s website.

If there are assertions in the Application for Divorce you do not agree with you can file a Response to the Application for Divorce.  Such Response will allow you to put on the Court’s record your assertions and/or version of facts.

Filing a Response will not necessarily stop the Divorce from proceeding unless there is a dispute in relation to the date of separation. Alternatively you can choose to not file a Response, in which case the divorce is likely to proceed.

Unless you file a Response, you do not need to attend Court on the hearing date, but can if you wish.

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