Family Law Accredited Specialist NSW

Family Law Accredited Specialist Lawyer Sydney

The Accreditation in Family Law means that Sarah Bevan and Alfonso Layson are proven leaders in their field of Family Law within NSW.

By selecting a team headed by an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer you can be sure that we are continually developing and improving our standards, quality and delivery of legal services.

The Specialist Accreditation means that both Sarah Bevan and Alfonso Layson are recognised by the Law Society as having demonstrated a high level of expertise in Family Law, and maintains this through continued legal education, skills & knowledge.

Some years, the pass rate for Specialist Accreditation in Family Law is less than 30%, so you need to rest assured that when engaging with an Accredited Specialist you are dealing with one of the best in NSW!


Sarah Bevan Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer Sydney

Alfonso Layson Accredited Specialist Sydney Family lawyer

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